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Awards Program


Graduate Scholarships in the field of Adaptation to Climate Change in the Canadian Prairie Provinces (up to $5,000). Applications accepted annually, in January.


The Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC) invites graduate students to apply for a scholarship to advance research related to climate change impacts and adaptation in the Prairie Provinces. PARC facilitates research on the impacts of climate change on natural and social systems in the Prairie Provinces and on the adaptation strategies that will be necessary to minimize the adverse impacts or take advantage of the positive effects of climate change. PARC is also mandated to increase the number of highly qualified personnel in the emerging field of climate change impacts and adaptation. Toward these research and training goals, PARC will provide support of up to $5,000CDN per applicant, for scholars pursuing either a Masters or PhD, where the research involves the study of human adaptation to climate change on the Canadian Prairie Provinces.

Climate change impacts and adaptation research is typically multi-disciplinary, and students may be involved in collaboration across disciplines or between the private and public sectors. PARC encourages applications for proposed research and training that bridge disciplines.


The proposed research activities must relate to research in climate change impacts and adaptation (see below) in the Prairie Provinces. Graduate students from all faculties in any university are encouraged to apply. Students may also hold other awards concurrently. Successful applicants must maintain full-time study during the year(s) of the award. The awards adjudication process is ongoing; applications are evaluated as they are received. There is no closing date for applications; the awards program will continue as long as funds are available. Before applying you should check the PARC website ( and click on the link to “Awards” to see if award funds are still available or if they have been exhausted.

What exactly is “adaptation to climate change”?

For the purposes of these awards, adaptation can be understood to mean changes in human behaviour to cope with or take advantage of a changing climate. PARC wishes to improve our ability to adapt consciously and advantageously to climate change via the generation of adaptation options. PARC will not fund research that is primarily focused on climate change science and natural systems and not on human adaptation to climate change. For example, a project that researched the adaptation of reptiles to climate change would not be funded. A project that researched possible management responses to reptilian population decline owing to current or projected climate change impacts could be funded. A project that researched the purely physical impacts of climate change on stream and river flows would not be funded. A project that substantively included the implications for agriculture, hydropower generation, or nature conservation, could be funded.

How do you apply?

To be considered for this award, submit the following to PARC (see contact information below) in January of the year in which you are applying for the award. Either hardcopy or email applications are acceptable. Please note that only complete applications will be reviewed:

  • a two- to four-page statement (12-point font, double-spaced) describing your research or study program and how the proposed activities meet the objectives of the award (the promotion of research and training related to human adaptation to climate change in the Canadian Prairie Provinces),
  • a two-page (12-point font) resume; and,
  • a letter of support for the proposed research or study program from your academic supervisor or graduate program advisor.

Key Evaluation Criteria

Applicants will be judged on the quality of their research proposal, on the probability it can be completed within a reasonable time frame, and on the likely relevance of their proposed research to practical climate change adaptation within the Prairie Provinces.

Notification of decision

Applicants will be notified of the decision in early March.


Payment of the award will be made in two installments annually. Each installment is subject to a letter from the award holder’s supervisor that progress has been satisfactory.

Contact Information:

Please address applications and inquiries to:

Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative
Graduate Scholarships Program
Suite 120, 2 Research Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4S 7H9
Telephone: (306) 337-2300

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