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Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Network (C-CIARN)

Canadian Centre for Climate and Global Change Research at McGill University

Canadian Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis

Canadian Climate Research Network

Canadian Institute for Climate Studies

Consortium for Global Change Management at the University of Regina

Climate Change Action Fund

Climate Change Central (Alberta)

Climate Change Connection (Manitoba)

Climate Change Saskatchewan

Manitoba Climate Change Action Plan

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Climate Research Unit, University of East Anglia

David Suzuki Foundation

Environment Canada

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Hadley Centre

Health Canada - Climate Change

Industry Canada - Climate Change

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Natural Resources Canada Cimate Change Action Fund (Adaptation)

National Climate Change Process

The Pembina Institute

Pew Center on Global Climate Change

Sierra Club of Canada

Transport Canada - Climate Change

United Nations Framework on Climate Change

United States Environmental Protection Policy: Global Change Research Program

United States Global Change Research Program

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Climate Scenarios

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
-Data Distribution Centre

Canadian Institute for Climate Studies

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Climate Networks

Canadian Forest Service Climate Change Network

Climate Network Europe

Climate Action Network

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Documents on the Web

Global Climate Change and Human Health

The Convention and Kyoto Protocol

Climate Change Impacts on the United States

Current Government of Saskatchewan Initiatives on Climate Change, September, 2000

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United Nations Framework on Convention on Climate Change

Pacific Institute Bibliography: Climate Change and Its Impact on Biodiversity

Climate Change Action Fund Resource Centre

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Project Examples

Institutional Adaptations to Climate Change: A Comparative Study of Dryland River Basins in Canada and Chile (SSHRC-MCRI)

European Climate Change Impacts Research - ECLAT

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University of California Revelle Program on Climate Science and Policy

Climate Change Action Fund Activity RoomClimatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, UK

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