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Project Research Components

Vulnerability Assessment of Rural Communities
Analysis of Water Conflicts and Institutions
Historical Study of Institutional Adaptation
Analysis of Environmental Vulnerabilities
Assessment of Formal Institutions
Climate Change Scenarios
Geospatial Data
Unit 5:

This unit has as its purpose the development and delivery of materials to stakeholders, partners, academics, policy-makers, and the general public. To maximize access to these audiences during the life of the project, project activities are communicated through annual reports; a website; dissemination meetings (local workshops) involving stakeholders; public presentations; and media information about the project. The coordinator for this unit is D. Gauthier.

During the period covered by this report the following activities were carried out in this unit:

  1. Identification of stakeholders: This is an on-going activity. A list of stakeholders has been produced-and updated constantly-for dissemination purposes.

  2. Preparation and delivery of annual project reports: The first annual report-for the period January 2004-May 30, 2005-was prepared and delivered in Canada (English) and Chile (Spanish).

  3. Development and updates of website: The project has developed this website with the support of one of its partners: the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC). This website contains both a public component -accessible to all those interested in obtaining further information about the project, partners and researchers-and a password-accessible area for project team members. This section of the website is the "working area" of the project and contains work in progress, working documents, calendar of activities, and other tools of the project, contributing to the integration of the project's activities.

  4. Working Papers; dissemination meetings and public presentations; and media information: A very large number of dissemination activities have taken place in these areas. Lists of all the papers and dissemination activities in Canada and Chile are available on this website.

  5. Integration of results into university courses: General and specific material of the project has been integrated into a variety of courses in all the participants universities.

  6. Stakeholder meetings: There have been a large number of meetings with the stakeholders. These meetings are a means of introducing the project to the stakeholders, as well as establishing relationships with the stakeholders.

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