Nikan Oti: The Future

Understanding adaptive capacity in two First Nations

This website contains information about the Nikan Oti research project and its results. The project examines how two First Nations communities have taken initiatives to address adaptation and adaptive capacity. An exploration of how these communities make adjustments to their natural or human systems to minimize their risks and position them to take advantage of new opportunities that climate change may present. The research contributes to an understanding of adaptation and adaptive capacity, both to a broader understanding of these in general but also specifically relevant to First Nations communities. First Nations perspectives and western methods in science and technology are engaged in a reciprocal process of learning that will greatly enhance understanding of human responses to climate change. The research focuses on the community initiatives of the James Smith and Shoal Lake Cree Nations and how science and technology can enhance community aspirations for minimum risk adjustment in response to actual or expected changes.

There are seven sections of this website. The first is the HOME section, containing a brief description of the project and this website. Next there is the TEAM section, which includes a short biography and contact information for all researchers, community liasons, and research assistants working on the project. A section on the PARTNERS that are involved in the project follows. Then, the COMMUNITIES section provides descriptions of both the study communities. The RESULTS section will be a means of disseminating the findings of the research. Next there is a section for all PUBLICATIONS produced by the project. And finally, there is a section containing any LINKS that are relevant.

This website is currently under construction, but please feel free to browse the available material, and return often, as updates will occur frequently. Thank you for your visit.

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