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Vulnerability of the Grassland - Forest Transition to Climate Change
(CCIAD Project A733)

Project Description:

The grassland - forest transition of western Canada is a large region of national significance because it is sensitive to climate fluctuations, supports forestry and agriculture and includes various parks and protected areas. Global warming should initially increase the productivity of forests and farmland, but declining levels of soil moisture should ultimately lead to reduced productivity. These impacts of climate change have major implications for the use and management of soil, water, forest and pasture. This project will examine the climate sensitivity of the ecosystems and soil landscapes in a major part of the grassland - forest transition zone and will assess the vulnerability of soil and vegetation use and management to ecosystem changes caused by shifts in climate. The project will contribute to science-based decision making concerning adaptation to climate change with a focus on the forest industry and the management of parks and protected areas.


Final Project Report  [PDF, 3.7Mb]
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Note: This project was funded by the Government of Canada's Climate Change Impacts & Adaptation Division

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