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The Island Forest Project

Climate Change Impacts on the Island Forests of The Great Plains and the Implications for Nature Conservation Policy: The Outlook for Sweet Grass Hills (Montana), Cypress Hills (Alberta – Saskatchewan), Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan), Spruce Woods (Manitoba) And Turtle Mountain (Manitoba – North Dakota)

Project Description:

The Island Forest Project examines probable climate futures for five isolated forests in the southern Prairie Provinces and in Montana and North Dakota. These forests are likely very vulnerable to climate change impacts. The project uses climate scenarios to project possible vegetation futures at these sites and also discusses various management alternatives that could influence vegetation outcomes. For a report on progress to date, please view the summary document.

Work is now ongoing that aims to ascertain which management alternatives are most feasible and most preferred by stakeholders at the bi-national study site (Turtle Mountain).


Summary Document [PDF, 3Mb]| Full Report [PDF, 6Mb]

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