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Forestry and Biodiversity Research Projects

Vulnerability of Canada’s Tree Species to Climate Change and Management Options for Adaptation: An Overview for Policy Makers and Practitioners

Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM), 2009
Project Description | View PDF (2.73 Mb)

Climate Change Adaptive Capacity of Forestry Stakeholders in the Boreal Plains Ecozone

Saskatchewan Research Council, Limited Report. Prepared for the Government of Canada’s Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Program as part of the Project A1383
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Assessing Future Landscape Fire Behavior Potential in the Duck Mountains of Manitoba

Summary Document (SD06-01)
View PDF (1.0 Mb)

Fire Behavior Potential In Central Saskatchewan UnderPredicted Climate Change

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Climate Change Impacts on the Island Forests of the Great Plains and the Implications for Nature Conservation Policy:

The Outlook for Sweet Grass Hills (Montana), Cypress Hills (Alberta-Saskatchewan), Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan), Spruce Woods (Manitoba) and Turtle Mountain (Manitoba-North Dakota)

View PDF - Summary (3.2 Mb)
View PDF - Full Report (6.1 Mb)

Forest Ecosystem Vulnerability to Climate: An Assessment of the Western Canadian Boreal Forest

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Climate Change in the Prairie Provinces: Assessing Landscape Fire Behaviour Potential and Evaluating Fuel Treatment as an Adaptation Strategy

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Forest Fire Management Adaptation to Climate Change in the Prairie Provinces

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A Framework for Determining the Ability of the Forest Sector to Adapt to Climate Change

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Climate Change and Fragmented Prairie Biodiversity: Prediction and Adaptation

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Simulating Climatic Impacts on, and Adaptive Management Options for, Boreal Forest Ecosystems in Western Canada

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Exploring The Impacts of Climate Change and Adaptation Options for Boreal Forest Ecosystems

View PDF - Summary (955 KB)

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