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Climate Scenarios

Climate Scenarios for Saskatchewan

Full Report - (3.5 Mb)
Summary Document - (2.0 Mb)

The Availability, Characteristics and Use of Climate Change Scenarios

Climate Scenarios for Alberta: A report prepared for the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC) in co-operation with Alberta Environment (Elaine Barrow & Ge Yu) May 2005 (5.4 MB)
   Appendix A (1.2 MB)
   Appendix B (13 MB)
   Appendix C (17 MB)
   Note: due to the file size of Appendix B & C files we suggest saving them to your system then clicking open in 'Read Only'.
   Summary Document (7.5 MB)

Background: An overview of the different scenario construction methods available and the advantages and disadvantages of each

Description of the Canadian Climate Impacts Scenarios Project

Scenario Use: What you can and can't do with the CCIS Project climate change scenarios

Down scaling: An Introduction

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