Impacts & Adaptation Research

Summary of PARC's Assessment of Impacts, Adaptations and Future Research

Expect and Prepare For:

  • Drought
  • Less Surface Water
  • Less Soil Moisture
  • Extreme Events
  • Milder Winters
  • Longer Growing Season
  • Changing Ecosystems - stressed aquatic habitats; changing southern boreal forest; change in native plant and animal ranges
  • Supporting the most vulnerable who have the least capacity to adapt
  • Supporting vulnerable communities that rely on natural capital

Key Adaptive Responses:

  • Conduct integrated water management planning
  • Continue adaptation measures within communities and vulnerable socio-economic sectors: eg. for agriculture continue with environmental farm planning, crop diversification and water conservation
  • Support outreach on climate change
  • Take advantage of longer, warmer summers (i.e growing season) and shorter, warmer winters
  • Support adaptation capacity building in all sectors

Key Further Research Needs:

  • Managing threats arising from increasing climate variability
  • Managing ecosystem change


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