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Staff Profiles

Norman Henderson

Executive Director

Norman Henderson is Executive Director of PARC and is responsible for the overall management of the organisation. He holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences. His current research interests focus on the interface between science and public policy, with particular interest in climate change, nature conservation policy, protected areas policy, and landscape and resource management. He has been research director and principal investigator on contracts for complex multi-million dollar projects involving multiple governments and stakeholders.

Dr. Henderson has previously worked as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Saskatchewan government, with a focus on economic development, energy and resources, and environmental issues. He lectured in environmental economics for seven years at the University of East Anglia, U.K. He has published in top academic journals in the fields of environmental economics, resource management, public policy, environment, natural sciences, ecology, anthropology, management, and medicine. He has also published a book with Johns Hopkins University Press and published many editorials in newspapers in Canada, the United States and Australia.


Key Interests:

Public policy and working with governments
Integrating science into decision-making
Climate change impacts and adaptation
Nature conservation policy
Landscape and natural resources management
Landscape history and evolution
Environment and resource management and economics
Research project management
University teaching

Dr. Norm Henderson CV:NormanHendersoncvPARC2014

D.J. (Dave) Sauchyn

Senior Research Scientist

Dave Sauchyn is the Senior Research Scientist at the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC). He is also a Professor of Geography at the University of Regina, where he has been a faculty member since 1983. Dr. Sauchyn’s main research interest is in the climate of the past millennium in Canada’s western interior and what past climate can tell us about the climate to expect in the near future. He is involved in two National Centres of Excellence, the Sustainable Forest Management Network and the Canadian Water Network. He is a co-investigator in a five-year multi-disciplinary comparative study of institutional adaptation to climate change in northern Chile and the Canadian plains. He is also involved in an international training program in Rural Water Conservation in Chile. Dr. Sauchyn’s other international scientific activities include Canadian leader of International Geological Correlation Project #500, “Drylands Change: Past, Present and Future”. His international work has taken Dave to South Africa, Ukraine, Chile and throughout the USA.

Among his many affiliations, Dr. Sauchyn is Past-President of the Canadian Quaternary Association and the Canadian Geomorphological Research Group, a national director of the Canadian Water Resources Association, a member of the national advisory committee for the Climate Change Impacts Scenarios project, and a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. In 2001, he received the John Warkentin Award for Scholarly Contributions of the Geography of the Western Interior and has been the Wiley / Royal Canadian Geographical Society Distinguished Guest Lecturer, the Kansas Academy of Science Distinguished Guest Speaker and the Owen Holmes lecturer at the University of Lethbridge.

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Bonnie Pfeifer

Office Manager

As the PARC Office Manager, Bonnie’s main role is to provide administrative support to the Executive Director, Senior Research Scientist, Project Manager and Research Students, in addition to being responsible for the smooth day to day operations of the PARC main office.

Bonnie has been employed as Office Manager since 2005. She brings a wealth of expertise to the position as well as experience from being employed at the University of Regina’s Student Affairs office.

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