Stefan Kienzle, PhDPhoto of Stef

Stefan is a hydrologist and GIS analyst at the Department of Geography, University of Lethbridge, with over 25 years of experience in watershed modelling. Stefan is also Adjunct Professor at the University of Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada) and the University of South Africa (Pretoria, South Africa). He has worked in government research institutes, consulting, and various Universities in Africa, Europe, and Canada. Stefan has been working with, and further developed, the ACRU agro-hydrological modelling system since 1990, and applied the model for watershed impacts analysis in South Africa, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. His current research focus is using the ACRU agro-hydrological modelling system as well as FAO’s AquaCrop model to simulate the impacts of climate change on watershed hydrology and crop yields in many watersheds in the Province of Alberta.


In order to enable his work, Stefan is in the process of establishing a digital hydro-climatological Atlas of Alberta with a high spatial resolution. Dr. Kienzle maintains a strong research lab with research assistants and graduate students, and has published widely in international journals, including Journal of Hydrology, Hydrological Processes, Water Resources Management, Climatic Change, and Hydrological Sciences Journal. Stefan is co-author of several chapters in the book “The Canadian Prairies in a Changing Climate” (edited by Sauchyn, Diaz and Kulshreshta), in the book “Sustaining Rocky Mountain Landscapes: Science, Policy and Management of the Crown of the Continent” (edited by Prato and Fagre), as well as the BAHC-IGBP book “Vegetation, Water, Humans ans the Climate – A New Perspective on an interactive System”.