Bruno Hernani   - PhD CanidatePhoto of Bruno

Bruno holds a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from University of Lima in Peru and Master’s degree in science in environment and management from Royal Roads University in Victoria. He is currently in the last year of his PhD in environmental engineering and sociology as interdisciplinary program at the University of Regina. His research is focused in the development and implementation of adaptive practices for climate extreme events and also in the integration of engineering and social implications for rural sustainability.  During the fieldwork season of the VACEA project in 2012, he visited and interviewed several farmers, ranchers and government representatives in South West Saskatchewan and Alberta. The information gathered will be part of his dissertation and will add value to the overall objective of the VACA project.

Bruno is interested in the international part of the project since he is originally from Peru and has a strong interest in the sustainability of the South American region. Bruno has lived in Regina for the last 5 years where he is involved in several community activities. He enjoys supporting his community in Regina and other communities around the World.