Project Timeline


  • - Dr. David Sauchyn:



This project is investigating new opportunities for annual crop production by analyzing output from an upgraded version of the Agriculture Crop Adaptation Atlas and Database (AgCAAD), a crop suitability model developed by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF) to assess the potential for introducing new crops where they previously have not been grown. Prior to this project, the AgCAAD model relied solely on historical climate conditions; it was not used to anticipate future suitability for producing specific crops, given ongoing climate change. Therefore, the primary objective of the research was to apply a range of future climate scenarios to the AgCAAD model, and compare crop suitability under current and projected agro-climatic conditions. The results will assist the agriculture sector in Alberta by enhancing its knowledge and capacity to manage risks from a changing climate, and specifically by determining how crop suitability could be altered by anticipated shifts in climate conditions. Project deliverables will inform decision making related to crop selection, cropping system diversification, and the best use of available land and water resources.