Prairie Climate-2017-Approaching climate change and adaptation from the farmers perspective

Did you ever have difficulty recognizing a familiar place because you approached it from a different direction? A few years ago, before a meeting in Sherwood Park, I had a chance to visit nearby Cooking Lake for the first time in many years. I had trouble locating our favourite duck hunting spot, because I’d taken a different approach to the lake than our dad did those many years ago.

Prairie Climate-2016-Climate cycles and change

The Reno Welch family ranches at the southern end of the Porcupine Hills. It’s a typical scenic southwestern Alberta ranch; rolling hills of fescue prairie with Douglas Fir forest at the higher elevations.

Prairie Climate-2015-The earth is round but is the climate warming

The earth is flat. It’s obvious. Just watch the first few minutes of any rerun of the TV show Corner Gas, filmed in southern Saskatchewan. As the camera zooms out from Brent Leroy, the gas station proprietor, we see the vast flat prairie landscape and hear the first few lines of the show’s theme song: