Parisien Kafka Flynn-Summary-05-01-Fire behaviour potential in central Saskatchewan under predicted climate change

This study was made possible with the financial
support of the Prairie Adaptation Research
Collaborative. Daniel Caya and René Laprise of the
Canadian Regional Climate Model team at l’Université
du Québec à Montréal and the Ouranos Consortium
made the CRCM-II data available to the CFS fire
research group. We thank Mike Wotton, Kimberly
Logan, Erin Bosch, of the CFS Great Lakes Forestry
Centre, as well as Peter Englefield, Kerry Anderson,
and Suzanne Lavoie of the CFS Northern Forestry
Centre, for their assistance at various stages of the
project. Saskatchewan Environment is also gratefully
acknowledged for providing data and support.

Froese Henderson-Summary-08-03-Exotic tree species as an adaptation option to climate change in the Western Canadian Boreal Forest

PARC acknowledges the support of Natural Resources Canada, Saskatchewan Environment and the
Saskatchewan Research Council for the above project. Generous in-kind contributions of time and materials were
made by SRC and stakeholders from many organizations. Brita Main of PARC contributed to the literature review,
and Charlene Hudym of SRC prepared the report for publication.