Sauchyn Bonsal Kienzle-2015-Adaptation according to mode of climate variability a case study from Canadas Western Interior

Communities and economies are vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate
change. This vulnerability is a function of (1) exposure to climate hazards and
their impacts and (2) social conditions that determine (a) sensitivity, the degree to
which a system is affected by climate-related stimuli, and (b) adaptive capacity, the
ability of a system to adjust to climate risks and opportunities by increasing its
resilience or coping range (Smit and Johanna 2006). Adaptive capacity depends on
access to financial, social, and natural resources and institutions, the management of
current and past stresses, and the ability of institutions and individuals to learn from
experience and to anticipate and plan for future change (Armitage 2005). When
exposed to the impacts of climate change, the adaptive response will depend largely
on the capacity of a community to deal with the impacts and risks.