St-Jacques Sauchyn-2009-Increasing winter baseflow and mean annual streamflow from possible permafrost thawing in the Northwest Territories Canada

The hydrology of subarctic northern watersheds is
changing in response to recent anthropogenic global warming [Hinzman et al., 2005]. Climate model results predict
the intensification of the hydrological cycle and increased
river discharge in subarctic and arctic regions [Milly et al.,
2005]. Increasing annual flows to the Arctic Ocean have
been detected in Eurasian rivers [Peterson et al., 2002;
McClelland et al., 2006]. However, decreasing annual flows
to the Arctic Ocean have been shown for rivers discharging
into Hudson, James and Ungava Bays [De´ry et al., 2005];
and basically unchanged annual flow to the Arctic Ocean
shown for northern Canadian rivers [De´ry and Wood, 2005].