Quick Overview of the SaskAdapt Website

The SaskAdapt website is divided into four major sections:

  1. Impacts and Adaptation Research Highlights for:
  2. Saskatchewan's Climate - Current, Past and Future

  3. Adaptation Options for Saskatchewan
  4. The SaskAdapt Self-Assessment Tool - A Guide to Effective Adaptation Planning


This website focusses on Saskatchewan and Prairie-specific science, experience and actions (Figure 1), but it also provides links to other sources of information that are relevant to your understanding of climate change and what it might mean for you in the future.


The purpose of SaskAdapt is to assist Saskatchewan residents, businesses, government agencies and communities to make decisions on adapting to climate change by providing them with access to the latest information on:

  • how the climate of the Prairie Provinces, in Saskatchewan in particular, has changed over the years;
  • what kind of climate can we expect in the future for the 2020s, 2050s and 2080s;
  • what has been the impact of climate change to date on the prairie landscape and on the lives of those who live here, and how might climate change impact Saskatchewan in the future;
  • Field Irrigation
    Figure 1: Agricultural Adaptation: Field Irrigation, Frenchmen River Valley
  • what does climate change mean for adaptation by key socio-economic sectors and communities; 
  • what needs to be considered to plan for and make adaptation decisions; and
  • what adaptations have occurred to date and what has been learned.

Additional information is provided in the way of "Learn More" webpages dealing with specific topics of interest, a glossary of terms and the reference listing that includes links to internet resources.

The website is updated frequently to reflect the latest research. So check back often to see the latest and most relevant information to Saskatchewan and climate change adaptation.

For more information on climate change and adaptation techniques and options for you and for Saskatchewan, read further in this website.