Recent research into expected climate change impacts in the Prairies indicates drought and excessive moisture related risks will be elevated. Anticipated increases in drought frequency, as well as higher probabilities of flooding, could lead to extremely costly and damaging impacts to provincial economies and healthy watersheds. Proactively managing drought and excessive moisture related risks through adaptation and planning is required to avoid or reduce the adverse impacts of climate change.

The activities are designed to evaluate past responses, assess current programming, and determine current levels of preparedness, and then provide policy recommendations aimed at increasing adaptive capacity for drought and excessive moisture related climate change impacts.

The PRAC Drought and Excessive Moisture theme will enhance the risk-management capabilities of decision makers and help them choose effective drought and excessive moisture related adaptive strategies and programs by promoting integrative planning and preparedness building initiatives aimed at increasing adaptive capacities.

Through active engagement, recommendations, extension materials, decision making tools and other output products, the Drought and Excessive Moisture Theme will develop and improve the knowledge base of provincial level decision makers regarding adaptation options for drought, excessive moisture and climate change. The collective outcome is to increase the capacity of decision makers on required policies, operations and plans to enhance adaptive capacity of the Prairies to drought and excessive moisture.

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