The Prairies Regional Adaptation collaborative (PRAC) is built on shared themes and a similarity of expected climate change impacts and vulnerabilities related to a changing moisture balance across the three Prairie Provinces.

The objective of the PRAC is to advance climate change adaptation decision-making in relevant policy areas and lead to the development of targeted policies and other instruments that encourage appropriate adaptation responses to current and foreseen climate change.

Specific activities of the PRAC include refining policy questions, building the knowledge base through use of appropriate modelling tools at appropriate scales, economic analysis, developing policy options, and engaging decision makers and stakeholders through discussions and forums.

The PRAC has three areas of climate change focus: water resource management, drought and excess moisture management, and terrestrial ecosystems adaptation. Please visit the three specific themes for detail on workplans and objectives. Common to all three themes will be forum activities designed to encourage knowledge transfer as well as develop adaptation options for dealing with climate change risks and opportunities.PRAC participants include Provincial Governments, Crown Corporations, industry, universities and climate research institutions.

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