Taking Action to Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

SaskAdapt is primarily concerned with helping you to understand climate change impacts and successfully adapt to those impacts. It is also important to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, the cause of man-made climate change.

Mitigation and Adaptation: Responses to Climate Change

Mitigation of climate change - that is actions to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) within the atmosphere, including carbon dioxide and methane, should be practiced by everyone.

Mitigation is occurring across many sectors and is expected to increase in response to government policy, economic pressures and demand for environmental protection. However, climate change will continue to impact Saskatchewan and therefore adaptation is necessary. Sometimes adaptation can involve mitigation (e.g. improving home insulation) and so the action will have dual benefits.

For information on climate change mitigation policy and actions in Saskatchewan visit the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment website on climate change .