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Project Research Components

Vulnerability Assessment of Rural Communities
Analysis of Water Conflicts and Institutions
Historical Study of Institutional Adaptation
Analysis of Environmental Vulnerabilities
Assessment of Formal Institutions
Climate Change Scenarios
Geospatial Data
Abvisory Board
The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board offers advice and guidance to the Director of the Project and the Management Team in particular and the research team in general on all matters relevant to the project. Its members meet formally once a year, at the same time and location of the annual project team meeting. The Advisory Board of the IACC project has three members. They are:

Phil Adkins.

Mr. Adkins is the Acting Director of the Agricultural Water Directorate, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) PFRA, and was recently the Acting Manager of the Prairie Agroclimate Unit. He is a civil engineer with considerable experience in the management of water supplies and engineering of water control structures. This includes participation in CIDA missions in Ethiopia and Indonesia and work as a CIDA consultant to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.

Fernando Santibanez.

Dr. Santibanez is an Agronomist Enginneer. He is a professor of agroclimatology at the College of Agriculture and Academic Director of the Ph.D. Program on Agricultural, Forestry and Veterinarian Sciences of the Universidad de Chile, as well as Director of AGRIMED, an Agricultural and Environmental based on the same university. Dr. Santibanez is one of the most well known Chilean scholars in the area of climate change.

Martin Mujica.

Dr. Mujica is a former professor of Sociology at the Université de Moncton (Canada) and a research fellow of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Environmental Management of the Université de Québec à Montréal. He has significant experience in international research, having worked with CIDA and IDRC for several years in the areas of sustainable development.

P. Adkins and M. Mujica became members of the Advisory Board in March 2004. F. Santibanez joined the Board in December 2005, replacing Horacio Larrain. These three members of the Board have agreed to serve for the duration of the project.

The minutes of the Advisory Board’s meetings are available in the Team Members Only section of this website. A username and password is required to access the following links:

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 2008
Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 2006
Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 2005
Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 2004
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