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Project Research Components

Vulnerability Assessment of Rural Communities
Analysis of Water Conflicts and Institutions
Historical Study of Institutional Adaptation
Analysis of Environmental Vulnerabilities
Assessment of Formal Institutions
Climate Change Scenarios
Geospatial Data
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The project is under the direction of the main investigator, Harry Diaz, who is responsible for the general supervision of the project's activities and financial expenses. The management of the project is carried out by a Management Committee composed of H. Diaz, D. Gauthier, D. Sauchyn, L. Patino (research fellow), and the Project Manager, Pat Barrett-Deibert. The project's activities in Chile are coordinated by Dr. S. Salas, who is in permanent contact with the Management Committee. The managerial functions of the management committee involve: (a) the development of general work-plans based on the agreements reached by the team members during the annual project meetings; (b) the monitoring and coordination of project activities; (c) supervision of financial activities; (d) preparation of narrative and financial reports; and (e) organization and chairing of the project's annual meetings. The activities of the project are carried out by different units. Team members participate in these units as researchers or as advisors. The coordinators of the units monitor the activities, providing an annual report to the entire team.

The project is also served by an Advisory Board that provides advice and guidance to the Project Director and Management Team in particular, and the research team in general, on all matters that are relevant to the research project.

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