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Adaptaciones Institucionales al Cambio Clim tico. Instituciones Relacionadas con el Agua en Chile y en la Regi¢n de Coquimbo
Morales, H. and R. Espinoza 2004 English

The institutional system concerned with water issues in Chile is composed of a large number of public and private organizations. The document describes the history and roles of these organizations, as well as their relationships with stakeholders interested in water resources. The organizations discussed in the document involve (a) a group of public institutions (General Water Directorate, Hydrological Work Directorate, the National Commission of the Environment, and the National Commission for Irrigation; (b) research organizations (CAZALAC and CEAZA"); (c) irrigation organizations (Juntas de Vigilancias"); and (d) service provider organizations (Aguas del Valle and Comit‚s de Agua Potable Rural).

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