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South Saskatchewan River Basin Biogeography
Lac, S. and C. Colan 2005 English

This document is intended to provide a description of the SSRB biogeography and the identification of areas within the SSRB which are more exposed to permanent degradation, from which the rural communities can be assumed to be at greater risk to climate change impacts. This report is divided into six parts: introduction (part 1"); biogeography description of the SSRB which includes a general overview of the SSRB and a description of its ecozones and ecoregions (part 2"); the natural hazards, which includes a review on drought definition, its causing factors and past (long-term) records (part 3"); the sensitive areas selected in the SSRB as an indicator of vulnerable communities (part 4"); the conclusions (part 5"); and references (part 6).

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