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South Saskatchewan River Legal and Inter-jurisdictional Institutional Water Map
Pati¤o, L. and D.A. Gauthier 2007 English

Derived mainly from Hurlbert, Margot. 2006b. Water Law in the South Saskatchewan River Basin. IACC Project working paper No. 27. The main purpose of the charts is to provide a visual representation of the relevant water legal and inter-jurisdictional institutions involved in the management, decision-making process and monitoring/enforcement of water resources (quality and quantity) in Saskatchewan and Alberta, at the federal, inter-jurisdictional, provincial and local levels. The charts do not intend to provide an extensive representation of all water legal and/or inter-jurisdictional institutions, nor a comprehensive list of roles and responsibilities, but rather to serve as visual tools that allow the observer to obtain a relatively prompt working understanding of the current water legal and inter-jurisdictional institutional structure existing in each province

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